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The Heavenly Bound Train

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While the choir sits in the choir stand portraying angels, the main characters all board The Heavenly Bound Train from the center aisle. There are eight passengers present on this train along with the conductor, Gabriel. After the passengers present their boarding passes, Gabriel allows them to enter the train. They are now off to their destinations.

When the choir, led by Gabriel, starts to sing, the train is imagined to be in motion. As the train stops in north, south, east, west, and central Hell, the train’s passengers are astonished to hear their names called to exit the train. As they exit the train, they are visited by God to stand before Him and receive their judgments for their ungodly acts. All eight characters are called to exit the train, but only one is called to enter into the Gates of Heaven.

This play touches on issues that church-goers, believers, and sinners all face, but unlike Jesus Paid it All…No Charge, The Heavenly Bound Train is a contemporary comedy and is abstract and symbolic in nature. This play forces believers, as well as non-believers, to truly look at their walk and evaluate how it adds up to what God would like to see in their hearts. It also offers encouragement for those who are on the “right” track according to God’s word.

The Heavenly Bound Train performances became a smashing HIT and were very successful. The two-hour standing room only musical drama was performed four times, twice in Lubbock, Texas and once in Colorado Springs, Colorado and once in Denver, Colorado. After several years, many viewers are still requesting an encore of the Heavenly Bound Train musical drama.

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According to Nicole Genice Canty, a creative poster designer for Heavenly Productions, “Because of the comedic nature of this play, I wanted the poster to be somewhat cartoon like.” Nicole says thinking about the play The Heavenly Bound Train, the character of Gabriel came to mind because he was the conductor of the train holding “The Book of Life.” When Nicole thought about the set-up of the stage and recalled that the choir was in the choir stands just behind the stage setup posing as angels; this caused a problem. Because the eight characters on the train were more important than the choir, they should be targeted: the choir is merely accompaniment. However, Nicole said finally she put the focus on The Heavenly Bound Train as it approaches heavenly clouds, making it, therefore unnecessary to illustrate the eight cast members or the choir. Nicole wanted the train to look modern but not so futuristic that one would not be able to recognize that it is a train. Nicole started with the shape of the train; because of the perspective and train’s angle, and drew it as though the front were closer and the back were further away; then everything else was added.

The Heavenly Bound Train was gold. Gold is delightful; it is mentioned several times in Revelation (1:13,20; 8:3; 9:7), but the main reason for choosing the gold train comes from Revelation 21:18, which states, “The wall was made out of jasper, and the city of pure gold, as pure as glass”(NIV). The color of the clouds was contingent upon the color of the train; therefore Nicole experimented with the complement and analogous hues found in the gold train and finally colored the clouds.

When one thinks of heavenly, words such as beautiful-golden-spiritual-pretty-wonderful and happy come to mind. When one thinks of Heavenly Bound, words such as heavenly-clouds-sky-ascending up to the heavens-going out of this world and going to heaven come to mind. Lastly, when one thinks of train, words such as vehicle of travel to heaven and transportation come to mind. This play was excellent and off the chain!

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Presented at The Potter's House January 14 & 15, 2005 – 8:00pm Dallas, Texas 
  • Ms. Patti LABelle
  • Mr.LeGene Brooks
  • Ms. Busybee Ms.Paula Bibbs
  • Ms. Saint-the-Moan Ms.Lillie Watterson
  • Rebellious Minister Lemuel Levels
  • Mr. Straight Goodman Mr.Antonio Huffman
  • Pator Goodsanger Mr.Rusell White
  • Ms.Dooright Ms.Sue Roseberry
  • Mr.Jones Mr.LeGene Brooks
  • Lil Yo Ms.Yolanda Tharrington
  • Pimp Mr.Isaac Nabors
  • Babyboy Mr.Blaine Mountain
  • Voice of God Bishop Leonard Chatham
  • Train Conductor Mr.Mathew Kuhlmann
  • Jezebel("J") Ms.Sharon Downey Cullors
  • Devil Child(D.C) Mr.Jastin Williams
  • Devil Ms. Gloria Danford
  • Gabriel Mr.Pervis Evans
  • Angel Ms.Raylean Downey
  • Mistress of Ceremony/Hostess Ms. Kratrina Brooks

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Presented at First Christian Church November 23, 1997 – 7:00pm Lubbock, Texas 
  • Mr. Goodsanger Pervis Evans
  • Reverend Pride Mark Culver
  • Ms. Busybee Paula Bibbs
  • Ms. Dooright Glenda Shumate
  • Devil Gloria Danford
  • Mr. Straight Goodman Bryce Caviel
  • Girl Number 1 Tymeka Coney
  • Girl Number 2 Tasheva Davis
  • Sugarboy Emmanuel Anderson
  • Ms. Hope Evelyn Brooks
  • Ms. Saint-the-Morn Loretta Hall
  • Hobo Darius Murphy
  • Rebellious Tramain (Cricket) Levels
  • Rebellious Friend 1 LeGene Brooks, Jr.
  • Rebellious Friend 2 John Bowers
  • Babyboy Randy Tates
  • Train Conductor Donald Walker
  • Gabriel Darius Luckey
  • Mother Love (Rebellious’ Mother) Sondra Wills
  • Father Love (Rebellious’ Father) Russell White
  • Kaleb (Ms. Hope’s Son) Donnie Bryant
  • Voice of God Eric Wesley

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Presented at Odom Memorial COGIC July 7, 1996 - 7:30pm Denver, Colorado and Antioch Baptist Church July 6, 1996 - 7:00pm Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • Mr. Gay Pervis Evans
  • Ms. Dooright Glenda Shumate
  • Devil Gloria Danford
  • Mother Love Sondra Wills
  • Rebellious Tramain (Cricket) Levels
  • Mr. Straight-Goodman Shawn Hurd
  • Rebellious Friend/Devil LeGene Brooks, Jr.
  • Sugar Boy Marvin White
  • Reverend Pride Jabbar Thomas
  • Ms. Goodsanger Shirley Davis
  • Ms. Busy Bee Lynda Levels
  • Ms. Saint-the-Morn Mary White
  • Hobo LaBrandon Mann
  • Gabriel Darius Luckey
  • Baby Boy/Devil Samuel Glickman
  • Angel Chandra Phillips
  • Angel Kersha Parker
  • Angel Jalisa Shumate
  • Voice of God Ronald Hines

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Presented at Community Baptist Church December 11, 1994 - 7:00pm Lubbock, Texas

  • Captain of the Train Jimmie Hollie
  • Angel of the Train Mattie Henderson
  • Angel of the Train Darius Luckey
  • Angel of the Train Crystal Ricard
  • Father Byron Hanspard
  • Son Tramain (Cricket) Levels
  • Ms. Dooright Cathy Smith
  • Ms. Saint-the-Morn Mae Pearl Jackson (Deceased: We miss you!)
  • Ms. Saint-the-Morn Child Chaundra Bass
  • Ms. Saint-the-Morn Child Tiffiny Washington
  • Ms. Saint-the-Morn Child Danell Johnson
  • Hobo Jim Johnson
  • Neighbors Child Tamika Reed
  • Ms. Busybee Bernice Luckey (Deceased: We miss you!)
  • Mr. Straight Goodman Shawn Hurd
  • Ms. Goodsanger Shirley Davis
  • Ms. Gay Tamera George
  • Reverend Jumping Jack Shawn Banks
  • Gang Member Robert Hollie
  • Gang Member Shawn Wilson
  • Gang Member Raymond Foster, Jr.
  • Gang Member LeGene Brooks, Jr.
  • Gang Member LeGene Brooks, Sr.
  • Devil Gloria Danford

  • Presented at First Christian Church
    Pastor Michael Passmore
    November 23, 1997 - 7:00pm
    Lubbock, Texas
  • Presented at Antioch Baptist Church
    Pastor J.B. Williams
    July 6, 1996 - 7:00pm
    Colorado, Springs, Colorado
  • Presented at Odom Memorial COGIC
    Pastor W. McDonald
    July 7, 1996 - 7:30pm
    Denver, Colorado
  • Presented at Community Baptist Church
    Pastor Larry D. Brooks
    December 11, 1994 - 7:00pm
    Lubbock, Texas

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