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Jesus Paid it All. No Change

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Jesus Paid it All…No Charge is another depiction of Christ’s life here on earth. This play opens on a modern day scene of Easter Sunday where the youth minister explains the meaning of Easter to children. As the teenagers and youngsters exit the stage after learning about Easter through the story of the youth minister, the curtains open to a scene portraying the biblical days.

Both actors and choir members are dressed in the attire thought to have been worn in Jesus’ day, and they portray different characters from the Bible. This play tells the story of Jesus’ life, as He set the tone and standards by which to live. The characters signify a scene change by singing and continuing their daily chores. Through the use of props, song, and portrayals, the cast proceeds in the reenacting of the teachings, healing, crucifixion, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ.

As the story comes to a close, the teenagers and children approach the stage once again, and this time, are enlightened on the meaning of Easter. As one may conclude, this play is serious and straight-forward in nature.

No story has been told in so many languages to so many people around the world…and no life has impacted so many lives throughout the history of mankind…the story…known as Jesus Paid it All…No Charge. This musical drama tells the story of the life of a man known as Jesus. His life will be depicted in a vivid portrayal. Those who knew Jesus best will tell how His life changed theirs and how Jesus can change yours for eternity. Ephesians 1:7-8 tells us, “In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace that he lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding”(NIV). “ALL” in the title simply translates to the fact that Christ’s blood cleansed us of ALL sin.

Jesus Paid it All…No Charge performance became breathtaking as the audience watched how our Lord and Savior was treated my men here on planet earth. The two-hour musical drama was performed in the Allen Theater of Texas Tech University campus in Lubbock, Texas.

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According to Nicole Genice Canty, a creative poster designer for Heavenly Productions, “When thinking about the title, Jesus Paid it All…No Charge, one cannot help thinking about the horrible, but so necessary, crucifixion of Jesus on the cross.” Nicole wanted to convey things that are associated with the cross without depicting the same image that a lot of us have come to know of Jesus as He hung from the cross. Nicole says that she thought the drops of blood could show Jesus’ pierced flesh and the crown of thorns would exemplify the mockery of Jesus. Lastly, Nicole decided to make this image a flat illustration and wanted to imitate reality in the sense of perspective and the obvious. Nicole reflected on reality; when Jesus hung from the cross, He did not have the strength to hold Himself up, so He had to have been slouching, actually hanging. So at this point, Nicole began to adjust the image that was picked for the poster of Jesus Paid it All…No Charge.

It is interesting to know that Mrs. Carolyn Russell, an original Heavenly Productions long-term faithful member, selected the title, Jesus Paid it All…No Charge.

When one thinks of Jesus, words such as love-peace-God-Lord-Savior and King come to mind. When one thinks of crucifixion, words such as nails-blood-pain-darkness-crown of thorns-sweat and broken bones come to mind. Lastly, when one thinks of the cross, words such as big-wooden-heavy-tired-torn curtain-holes in Jesus’ feet and hands come to mind. This play was emotional and breathtaking!

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  • Jesus Byron Hanspard (Formerly a running back for Texas Tech University and the Atlanta Falcon, as well as a Doak Walker recipient.)
  • Mary, Mother of Jesus Carolyn Russell
  • Lazarus Fredrick Rouse
  • Mary Tiffany Berry
  • Martha Michelle Blake
  • Blind Man Dantanian Boyette
  • Woman at the Well Latrice Godfrey
  • Disciple (John) John Robert Hollie
  • Disciple (Peter) Tramain (Cricket) Levels
  • Disciple (Thomas) Stevie Springer, Jr.
  • Centurion Commander Darius Luckey
  • Simon Shawn Banks
  • Demon Pervis Evans
  • Woman with Issue of Blood Evelyn Brooks
  • Lame Person Bennie Williams
  • Satan LeGene Brooks, Sr.
  • Judas Iscariot LeGene Brooks, Jr.
  • Chief Priest Stevie Springer, Sr.
  • Mary Magdalene Mia Johnson
  • Soldier 1 Godfrey Christophe
  • Soldier 2 Jimmie Hollie
  • Soldier 3 Shawn Hurd
  • Angel 1 Raymond Foster
  • Angel 2 Zairreus Patterson
  • Multitude Lynda Levels
  • Multitude Le’Gena Collins
  • Multitude Tiffiny Washington
  • Multitude Ellen Tillman
  • Multitude Dorothy Johnson
  • Multitude Mary Smith
  • Multitude Tamara Clay
  • Multitude Marian Allen
  • Multitude Michael Rollison
  • Multitude David Moody
  • Multitude Danell Johnson
  • Multitude Latrice Glenn
  • Multitude Bernice Luckey
  • Doctor 1 Chaundra Bass
  • Doctor 2 Tiffiny Washington
  • Nurse and Surgical Technician Denise Williams
  • God Kid 1 Corey Godfrey
  • God Kid 2 Ashley Burgess
  • God Kid 3 Kiarra Godfrey
  • God Kid 4 Veronica Blake
  • God Kid 5 Clifton Johnson
  • Jo-Anna Patsy Dickson

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    The Youth Group
  • Little Bit Corey Godfrey
  • Big Brother Shawn Hurd
  • Girl 1 Tanyette McCoy
  • Girl 2 Pam Moton
  • Girl 3 Khristee Love
  • Girl 4 Shanta Benson
  • Boyz 1 Stevie Springer, Jr.
  • Boyz 2 Robert Hollie
  • Boyz 3 Zairreus Patterson
  • Boyz 4 Raymond Foster
  • Kid 1 Ashley Burgess
  • Kid 2 Kiarra Godfrey
  • Kid 3 Veronica Blake
  • Kid 4 Clifton Johnson, Sr.

  • Presented at Texas Tech University
    Allen Theater
    April 9, 1995 - 7:00pm
    Lubbock, Texas

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