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Life is short but Heaven and Hell are forever

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Like Jesus Paid it All…No Charge, Life is Short but Heaven and Hell are Forever opens with the telling of a story. This time, one of the main characters tells her account of a portion of her life. This beginning scene consists of the storyteller and three other well-known biblical characters: Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, Simon Peter, and the Thief on the Cross. After the characters exit happy and excited for the arrival of a new saint, the story begins when the main characters take their places on stage.

The next scene starts as a normal day in the household of Mother Wright, the grandmother of two grandsons and one granddaughter. There appears to be one child who is saved, one that is a fence-sitter, and another that is undisciplined. Scene changes are indicated by soft music and dimmed lights while the characters set up the next scene. As the story progresses, something strange occurs—the rapture. Being left behind, the storyteller is forced to choose between physically dying for eternal life or life under the dictatorship of the anti-Christ. The storyteller feels all alone because her family has all made it into Heaven, all except one member who gets used by the government to try to persuade the storyteller to choose earthly life.

This play has an interesting twist that amazes the viewers as to whom is called home to Heaven and ends with the same scene which opens it. After the storyteller finishes the story, the other three characters proceed to tell the storyteller their own stories. This play is contemporary, but realistic in nature, and it allows one to evaluate his or her feelings towards God and whether he or she will hear His voice when called to come home.

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Life is Short but Heaven and Hell are Forever performances became a big eye-opener. Many viewers were found searching their hearts and focusing on their daily walk with Jesus Christ. This play had such a tremendous impact until at the end of one performance; the audience begins kneeling down to its knees in repentance. The two-hour standing room only musical drama was performed three times in Lubbock, Texas.

According to Nicole Genice Canty, a creative poster designer for Heavenly Productions, “Because the title of this play is so long, I had a hard time deciding on the appearance of the text.” Nicole conveys that she concluded that because the family is the center of attention in the play, she would focus on the family in the poster. Nicole added that she settled with the fading, floating clock to signify the fading of time, as we know it. So the components in this poster are the family, sky and ground, and clock.

When one thinks of life, words such as earth, time on earth and alive come to mind. When one thinks of short, words such as small, not lasting long and running out of time come to mind. When one thinks of heaven, words such as Godly, pretty, colorful and big come to mind. When one thinks of hell, words such as ugly, satanic, dark, evil and hot come to mind. Lastly, when one thinks of forever, words such as eternity, long lasting, endless and time come to mind. This play was POWERFUL AND LIFE CHANGING!

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  • Grandmother(Mother Wright) Sherry Griggs
  • Mother(Annie) Tamera George
  • Daughter(Justice) Yolanda Tharrington
  • Son(Deon) Shawn Hurd
  • Son(Curtis) Mr.Pervis Evans
  • Rev Truss Gary Bunton
  • Sister Truss Latrice Godfrey
  • Mother's Boyfriend(Slanky) Shawn Banks
  • Justice's Friends:
    • (Brandi) Chandra Bass
    • (Desire') Crystal Richard
    • (Erica) Tiffany Washinton
    • (Dominque) Darnell Johnson
  • Deon's Friends:
    • (Eric) Zairreus Patterson
    • (Cool J) Raymond Foster
  • Gang Members:
    • (Bullett) Eric Butler
    • (Slowpimp) Jabbar Thomas
  • EMS Anthony Armor
  • Nathan Griggs
  • News Woman Lilly Watterson
  • Camera Man Michael Rollison
  • Government Official Labrandon Mann
  • Firing Squad Tremain Levels
  • LeGene Brooks Jr.
  • Angel Marvin White
  • Jesus's Mother(Mary) Mary Robins
  • Moses Charles Parker
  • Theif Eric Burton
  • Simon Peter Kevin McConic

  • Presented at Community Baptist Church Pastor Larry D. Brooks, April 20 & 21,1996-7.30 PM. Lubbock,Texas.

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