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Sex... The Silent Killer
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Sex... The Silent Killer

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Tyrone Jones and Alexis Henderson are young and very much in love with each other. They are ready to set sail on life’s biggest journey known as marriage; one that each believes they can trust, honor and cherish till death do them part. However, as each enters into this holy union, both are holding something inside of them that they believe their future spouse would not understand. It is these secrets that eventually surface and begin to cause problems just ten years after saying, “I do.” When the problems arise, Tyrone and Alexis are not the only ones who get caught in the web of sin. In fact, the situation becomes so bad that only God can supply an answer for those who seem enslaved by sin.

Sex…The Silent Killer focuses on immoral issues such as fornication and adultery, much of which society faces today. Sex tends to be a hard topic for many, mainly because we really don’t know how to deal with the topic when we ourselves are struggling. This play was tough to write and was very much spirit lead and biblical based. The play had nothing to do with the disease of aids. It dwelt mostly with ones suppression of weakness and ones secretly defeat of self-control.

Sex…The Silent Killer performance became a smashing HIT! Audience members agree. “Heavenly Productions work is breathtaking,” said Mr. Kenneth Wallace, former Estacado High School principle. Over 1,300 viewers watched the three-hour musical drama performed at Estacado High School auditorium in Lubbock, Texas.

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Heavenly Productions was honored with the great gospel singer, Karen Clark-Sheard who was cast as Elizabeth in the play. After her experience with Heavenly Productions, Ms. Clark-Sheard states, “In all of my world travels, Heavenly Productions has been one of the most professional organization to work with and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

As a child Karen Clark-Sheard took the stage with an angel’s voice. As a member of the renowned Clark Sisters, she helped take gospel music into a new era. Today Karen is about to embark on yet another musical journey. Amazon.com says “With intense worship workouts, burning urban funk, lift me up choral anthems, and weepy ballads that never resort to cliché, Karen Clark-Sheard’s 2nd Chance is easily one of the best records of 2002.” The album’s title refers to a near death experience the singer suffered after a surgical procedure in 2000, leaving her with a renewed sense of purpose. Second Chance is saturated with an overwhelming sense of joy, renewal, and above all, thanks.

When one thinks of sex, words such as intimacy, relationships and proximity come to mind. When one thinks of silent, words such as quiet, cold and anger come to mind. Lastly, when one thinks of killer, words such as death, final and soullessness come to mind. Sex…The silent Killer performance was a showstopper!

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  • Elizabeth Karen Clark-Sheard (Stella Award winner for gospel album of the year and a three time Grammy nominee)
  • Alexis (Younger) Chandra Phillips
  • Alexis (Older) Lillie Watterson
  • Tyrone (Younger) Rodney Downey (Deceased: A highly admired and dedicated Texas Tech University track sprinter and football wide receiver.)
  • Tyrone (Older) Pervis Evans
  • Desmond (Younger) Ahmad Luckey
  • Desmond (Older) Darius Luckey
  • Pastor Godchild (Younger) Anthony Tharrington
  • Pastor Godchild (Older) Eric Wesley
  • Sister Godchild (Younger) Tymeka Coney
  • Sister Godchild (Older) Loretta Hall
  • Matt (Younger) Fredrick Baldwin
  • Matt (Older) Kalayne Hargrove
  • Naydene Tanyette McCoy
  • Iris Paula Bibbs
  • MeMe Yolanda Tharrington
  • Reggie Robert Hollie
  • Pookie Zelvis Applin
  • Aunt Willie Mae Mozelle Wilson
  • Mother Liquita Brown
  • Sister Frye Shanna Atkins
  • Deacon Frye William (Bill) Watson, Jr.
  • Bridgette Tiffany Berry
  • Smoke Tyseki Ardoin
  • Tony Bryce Caviel
  • Lilah Cicely Alexander
  • Doctor Gloria Danford
  • Flower Girl Myeisha Culver

  • Presented at Estacado High School Auditorium
    November 15, 1998 - 6:00pm
    Lubbock, Texas

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